Mortgages For Women offers a broad range of services and our service is COMPLIMENTARY. MFAA Accredited Finance Specialists who fit in with your hectic lifestyle.

We are accredited with the following lenders:

  • Adelaide Bank
  • Allianz
  • ANZ
  • Bank SA
  • Citibank
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Deposit Bond Australia
  • Homeside Lending
  • HSBC

  • ING Direct
  • Liberty
  • Macquarie
  • ME
  • NAB
  • Pepper
  • Resimac
  • St George Bank
  • Suncorp
  • Westpac

Mortgages for Women offers a broad range of services, all of which are absolutely FREE. As mobile lenders, we come to you, so we can fit in with your hectic lifestyle, you can even apply on line or over the phone.

Home Loans

You have a wide choice and may specify what you want , we will tailor your loan to suit your requirements. For to purchase of a new or existing home to live in , investment, commercial purposes or for refinancing and consolidating all of your loans into 1 simple repayment.

Your selection includes the following –

Variable Rate – This changes with the market and is determined by the reserve bank. A very flexible product.

Basic Rate – A no frill product with a lower rate. It has fewer features but if you don’t need the extras why pay for them!

Fixed Loans – A chosen interest rate from usually 1- 10 years for certainty of your repayment for the selected term.

Split Loan – You may choose to fix a portion of your loan and have the other variable. The best of both worlds.

Family support loans- Parents can offer a limited guarantee on their property eliminating the need for a deposit.
Maximum Loan Amount – 105% of the value of the property or the purchase price if using another property as security or 95% plus lenders mortgage insurance .
Maximum Term Available – 30 years.

First Home Buyers

First home buyers may use the First Home Buyers Grant and gifts as part of their deposit.Family support guarantee loan ideal.

We will submit your grant application with your chosen lender to be paid  at settlement.

Investment Loans

5% Deposit required.You can also use the equity in any other home you own to purchase an investment property. This can sometimes allow you to borrow the full purchase price as well as enough for the stamp duty and legal costs, as well as any extra required for repairs and renovations that may be required.

Investors with enough equity in another property do not need to have a cash deposit.

Maximum Loan Amount – 95% of the value of the property or the purchase price. The lower of the two.

Maximum Term Available – 30 years.

Line of Credit

A revolving line of credit or equity loan. An approved limit is set at your requested amount. The maximum amount being 90% of the value of your property. You pay interest only on what you use. You have access to that limit like a credit card.
Iif you pay it off you can go and buy shares or another property or a car without ever having to consult the bank again. You can use it to pay for whatever you like and have direct debits set up.. You are issued with a selection of credit cards, eftpos cards and chequebooks.

Land Loans

A 10% deposit is required for the purchase of a residential block of land. Loans for land zoned rural can also be approved. The amount of deposit is determined by where the land is and the size of it. A land loan can be increased and converted to a normal home loan when you are ready to build.

Construction Loans

Construction loans can be 95% of the completed value of the house and land combined if you are using a registered builder.
Council approved plans, specifications and a Fixed contract must be provided for formal approval.

Relocation Loans

If you have found your dream home before selling your existing home this loan may suit you. You do need to have quite a lot of equity in you existing home, as this will be used as security.
You are lent the full loan amount as well as the extra for your costs. You then have 6 months to sell your existing home.

Non-Confirming Loans

We understand that not everyone fits the banks sometimes strict lending criteria. Fortunately, there are alternative lenders, who can assist.
You may simply have run into financial hardship and fallen behind in your repayments for various reasons. We understand that this could happen to anyone. There are alternatives for you. These lenders generally charge a slightly higher interest rate as the idea is to get you back on track and then switch you back to a regular lending institution.

Commercial/Business Loans

We can arrange commercial and business loans to suit your needs.
Terms and conditions available on request as each application is so different.

Deposit Power Bonds

A deposit power bond is a bond or a guarantee, which acts as a substitute for a cash deposit between signing contracts and settling on a property. A bond is available to people who have had their loan approved. Generally used by investors who have borrowed the full amount of their property or convenient for auctions.

Insurance Financial Planning & Leasing

Many lending institutions offer competitive insurance cover for home, contents, life and income protection.

A free consultation with our financial planner for all our clients to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

Leasing and car loans available.